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Gamefaqs Board 261 Wikia is a serious political encyclopedia constructed to chronicle the events that take place on the Gamefaqs Politics board along with the persons of the board and educate all newcomers to the board's culture, and any other information worth knowing such as known trolls, hot button issues and moderation activity.

Hot Button Issue

The current hot topic on Board 261 Politics is Arizona bill S.B. 1070, an anti-illegal immigration bill. Also known as the “Support Our Law Enforcement and Safe Neighborhoods Act.”

  • Law will help Arizona overcome illegal immigration by scaring illegal immigrants into leaving.
  • Law will help police officers detain and arrest illegal immigrants
  • Law will expand police priveleges by allowing police to detain a person based upon reasonable suspicion that the person is an illegal immigrant, and reasonable suspicion is loosely defined as it applies to the crime of illegal immigration.
  • Enforcement of the law will be unfairly targeted at the hispanic population in Arizona

Note: On 1/5/2010, Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer signed a follow up bill revising S.B. 1070


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